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Care Instructions

Garment Care & Laundering

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Dry cleaning? Leave that for the wool, silk, and cashmere.

Save your money and be kinder to the environment by simply showing your bamboo clothing a little love, and it will outlast any cotton clothing.

  • Wash on a gentle setting in cold water.
  • Don't use chlorine bleach or liquid fabric softener which can damage bamboo fibre.
  • Line dry in the shade and never peg your clothing from the top or bottom or put on a hanger - lay it over the line so the middle of the garment is on the line.
  • Wrinkles seem to fall right out of bamboo, making ironing unnecessary and making bamboo perfect for travel.
  • Other tips include zipping up your hoodie to help it keep its shape, and washing more delicate 100% bamboo tops in a laundry bag.

Bamboo Towel Care & Laundering

  • We recommend washing your bath towels on a cold to warm (40 degrees Celcius) heat setting on a delicate wash.
  • Be sure your detergent is fully dissolved before adding your towels to the water, and avoid fabric conditioner as it reduces absorbency (and can even make them water repellent).
  • Avoid contact with household cleaning products containing chlorine - bleach will remove colour permanently.
  • Line dry recommended - avoid tumble drying and excessive heat.
  • Baksana bamboo towels are woven, not knitted, so a pulled loop won't unravel. Simply cut any snagged loops with sharp scissors.

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